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3 Things You Need To Know To Have A Successful Online Presence To Increase Sales

by | Apr 13, 2021 | e-commerce, Marketing, Sales, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media

3 Things You Need To Know To Have A

Successful Online Presence To Increase Sales


You may have the best design, the best offer, the best products but that does not guarantee your success in your online presence without these important factors:


The three most important factors are:




As simple as that, but you don’t want any type of traffic, you need targeted traffic of people interested specifically in your products and services. This has to be an ongoing process with short term plan and long term plan running simultaneously. 


First thing first, you need a domain and you need a hosting account to park your domain where you are going to build your website. In basic terms, we can compare the domain as the address of the  property and the hosting is the actual lot where the domain will build the building or Website on.


Now, let’s talk about building a website. Most people think that a website is like a business card presenting who you are and what you are offering, but in fact, your website should be an extension of your company as the best sales person that you have offering solutions to prospects with your products and services.


Your website must be fully responsive; in other words, it should automatically adjust to any screen your prospects might be using, like a mobile phone, a pad, or a computer, to make it easy to read and easy to follow so your prospects can easily understand what you’re selling and how to proceed in purchasing those products or services or to inquire for more information from you or your company.


You must have an inbound marketing funnel set up all over your website to collect your visitor’s contact information in exchange for a free e-book or free report with real content that your prospect may benefit from your expertise.

Some people buy immediately but for some people it takes a few more times before making a decision so, by having their email, you can email them weekly with more important content that they will see helpful, importantly they will start looking at you or your company as an expert in your field, and they start trusting you. 


It is very important for your website to be optimized so it is ready to receive visitors into your inbound marketing funnels to start the automated marketing system to convert them into customers.


We can talk about all the technical parts of the website but it doesn’t matter; what you need is all the tools ready to look professional as an expert and receive visitors into your inbound marketing funnels.


There is a famous line from an old movie called Field of Dreams  that said, “Build it and they will come.” It is a nice line for an inspirational movie, but in reality you have to have traffic and there are different types of traffic that you can build on.


Let’s talk first about Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”.


Your website’s content should be optimized for SEO even if it’s not the main marketing media to attract traffic to your site. 


But, What is SEO?


There are many search engines but the top three are Google, Bing, and Yahoo*.


The largest (and the one we optimize) is Google within the Google algorithm of ranking pages. Their spider, affectionately named “Googlebot”, crawls the web and provides updates to Google’s index to build a list of the words found on Web sites.


In simple terms, search engines are special sites on the web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites based on important searched words or keywords, as we call it – keep an index of the words they find, and where they find them, as well as allow users to look for words or combination of words found in that index.


This is not a set up and relax method, the keywords you optimize today might not be as popular tomorrow, and that is why the top websites that use SEO are constantly evolving and updating their content. Fresh content is the best way to ensure that the search engine spider is constantly checking back and getting you noticed. 


Stale and old content in your website is not only a turn-off to your readers, but tends to drop your site in search engine results pages due to a loss of relevancy. Even using keywords for just a short period isn’t going to do the trick. You have to be consistent and build upon the strength of your website’s SEO over time to be truly successful in attracting visitors to your website.


Again, this is an ongoing process and takes time and effort to provide useful content to your prospects and it should be part of your long term plan to attract customers. Even though it is a slow process it will bring great results when you reach the top of the list within your keywords and you just have to keep it up. 


It is time consuming, but it is an important part of your company’s inbound marketing leads. Many companies hire a marketing agency to manage their SEO maintenance program as well as their paid advertising and social media platforms to free them the time to do what they do best, which is their business and keeping up with customer satisfaction, which is the key for customers’ sales and good reviews.


Introduction to the world of PPC and paid traffic 

The fastest way to start getting traffic to your website is Google Adwords or PPC, Facebook Ads, Tik Tok Ads, Instagram’s Ads, YouTube Ads, Linkedin Ads and  any social media site that would be your best tool to attract more visitors to your website depending on your product or service.


Google AdWords is essentially an advertising platform run by Google and more specifically a ‘PPC’ advertising platform, meaning ‘Pay Per Click,’ which means that you will be charged for it if someone clicks on the ad. If there are no clicks because your advert is ineffective, you won’t be charged for it.


To have a successful AdWords Ad campaign, you need to choose the right keywords, create compelling ads, and be ready to test until you find the sweet spot for your website’s products or services.


Now, how do you choose which Social Media Platform to attract visitors for your business?


To keep the answer simple, it is recommended to use multiple social media sites simultaneously, paying for ads on their platform and posting content regularly, depending on the social media platform.


We have many tips that we put together in a free e-book that you can download at any time called “Social Media Marketing Tactics” that, in simple-to-follow tips, will help you take advantage of your social media marketing plan to attract more customers to sell your services and products.


This is all for now, but as in Real Estate’s need for “Location, Location, Location”,  Digital Real Estate (your Website) requires “Traffic, Traffic, and more Traffic” to succeed.


You don’t need everything there is available in your website but only the necessary tools for your type of business. Similarly, you don’t have to have every social media platform for your website, only the ones that benefit your business the most.


We offer a free no obligation consultation to determine what you need to concentrate on to succeed in achieving more sales for your company and the greatest return of marketing investment possible.


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To your success!


Richard Gutierrez

Golden Media Team