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18 Tips On Getting Started To Successfully Implement Your Social Media Inbound Marketing Plan

by | Oct 6, 2020 | e-commerce, Marketing, Sales, Social Media

18 Tips On Getting Started To Successfully Implement Your Social Media Inbound Marketing Plan


Although SEO is a long term tactic to bring constant traffic to your website, Social Media is one of the fastest ways to bring online traffic to your website immediately.


We cannot emphasise enough that your website or ecommerce website has to be ready to receive traffic from all media and convert them into leads and sales to increase your return on marketing investment.

These are some of the tips that we recommend to have a successful marketing campaign:


  • Choose the right social media platform(s) for your business.
  • Make a draft plan of the contents first.
  • Come up with an editorial calendar per social media site.
  • Know your target niche.
  • Check for a similar name.
  • Know how to lure or attract the people in your target market niche.
  • Ready high quality graphics and edited photos.
  • Ready high quality short articles, comments, and posts.
  • Make sure that you have the resources to regularly maintain a social media account.
  • Ensure that having a social media account will really be of help to your business, rather than a liability.
  • Keep your pages looking beautiful and/or professional.
  • Create a page design that corresponds to the nature of your company.
  • Regularly post new comments and news.
  • Always respond to questions if possible. Avoid ignoring your subscribers.
  • Do not always use just words; You can use multimedia (pictures, graphics,etc.).
  • Try creating several design schemes from time to time to keep fresh.
  • Just a logo is not enough, so try uploading more photos related to your company.
  • Always upload photos of recent events that involved your company.


We have many more tips that we put together that we go deeper into each tip in a free ebook that you can download at any time called “Successful Social Media Marketing Tactics” that, in simple-to-follow tips, will help you take advantage of your social media marketing plan to attract more customers to sell your services and products.


This is all for now, but as in Real Estate’s need for “Location, Location, Location”,  Digital Real Estate (your Website) requires “Traffic, Traffic, and more Traffic” to succeed.


You don’t need everything there is available in your website but only the necessary tools for your type of business. Similarly, you don’t have to have every social media platform for your website, only the ones that benefit your business the most.


We offer a free no obligation consultation to determine what you need to concentrate on to succeed in achieving more sales for your company and the greatest return of marketing investment possible.


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To your success!


Richard Gutierrez

Golden Media Team